We are professional Commerical Display industry who develops, manufacturers, and markets LED Display, LED Video Wall, Digital Signage solutions for multiple indoor and outdoor applications around the world, including Control&Command Center, Advertising Display, Media and Entertainment Events, Stadium etc. Its product range covers from Standard LED Display, Rental LED Display, HD LED Display to LCD Splicing video wall and digital signage. Whether you are a stage designer, project manager, advertsing company owner, or a trusted partner of media& entertainment, TechnoKingdom Int'L E-Display will fully focus on what you really need, and it employs the most advanced technology, with a strict and effective quality control system as well as an efficient customer oriented service system to ensure high customer satisfaction around the whole world.

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We are one of the the top LED display/billboards solutions in the area. We have been giving high caliber, intensely evaluated LED display solutions to all who come to us for years. In that time, we have found out about client administration and the benefit of realizing our customers needs. We adore driving by ordinary and perceiving how extraordinary we can become together!

Fixed LED display

Fixed led display which is compare to rental led display, it also called fixed led screen, fixed led video wall, it has Indoor fixed & outdoor fixed led display, indoor fixed led display apply into conference meeting room, broadcasting tv station, military control room, church worship, etc; outdoor fixed led display apply into stadium billboard, transportation sign, downtown shopping mall, etc.

Rental LED display

At TechnoKingdom we rent top-of-the-line LED displays giving you the ability to make any venue into a great huge arena. With our LED display screen rentals everyone who attends your event will get a “front row” seat. Whatever is happening on stage can be visible from every angle which will help your event participants fully enjoy their experience. Don’t limit your selection of venues by how many people can see the stage, find out how you can use our high resolution LED screens to make your event a hit.
Our services are available for both private and corporate events. Whether you are looking to host an amazing party in a park, or a profitable paid event we want to work for you to make your event one that everyone will remember for years to come. Whether you’re looking to impress your friends, your clients, or your paid participants, our LED screens will make sure that everyone leaves happy. Whether your budget is big or small, we have options for virtually any budget. If you are unsure if you can afford one of our rentals, contact us for a full quote for your event.

Single Color LED display

Our Programmable Scrolling LED Signs are very easy to program. It constantly displays graphics, images, time and your own messages with hundreds of special effects.